Resource pools

Resource pools allow you to group resources into arbitrary work units that can be used as a single combined unit with all the resources of the individual machines that comprise the pool.

A typical use of resource pools is to group several machines into one unit, and run many foreground processes on the pool allowing Blue Prism to choose machines in the pool which are available to run the requested processes.

This can be particularly useful if one is less concerned about which machine a process will run on but wants to guarantee that the process will be run, for example when used with command line scheduling options, or the built-in Process Scheduler.

Create a pool

To create a new pool, navigate to System > Resources > Resources - Pools and click New Pool in the right-hand side panel.

Newly created pools are given a name by default, and this can be customized by typing a name immediately after clicking New Pool. Pools cannot be renamed afterwards.

Delete a pool

To delete a pool, click Delete Pool in the right-hand side panel or right-click a pool and select Delete from the shortcut menu.

Add resources to a pool

To add a resource to a pool, drag it from the Available Resources panel on the left and drop it into the required pool. A single resource may only belong to one pool.

Remove resources from a pool

To remove resources from a pool, click Remove from Pool in the right-hand side panel or right-click a pool and select Remove from the shortcut menu. This will remove all the resources from the pool, and place them back in the list of available resources on the left.

Resource pools in Control Room

In Control Room, pools appear just like any other resources. Processes can be dragged and dropped onto resource pools exactly the same way as onto regular resources. The number of resources in a pool is indicated in the Members column.