Blue Prism 6.9: September 2020



The release requires the Blue Prism database to be this version.

Login Agent:


The version of Login Agent that is provided with this release of Blue Prism has the same functionality as the version provided with Blue Prism 6.7.

Browser extensions
(for Chrome, Firefox,
and Edge)


See the browser extensions section for the latest versions of each browser that has been verified with this release.

This release was launched with version of the 2.2.0 browser extension. Subsequent releases of the extension were made available. See the browser extensions section for more information.

For the latest compatibility information, see the browser compatibility matrix in the Blue Prism online help.

If a previous version of the Edge browser extension has already been manually installed from the Chrome store, this should be manually removed and the new version installed from the Edge store, see the upgrade notices for more details.

Data Gateways engine:


The Data Gateways engine version 1.2 must be installed to use Data Gateways with Blue Prism 6.9.

Download the installer from the Blue Prism Portal – select Product > Extras.

Known issues

A list of any prominent issues with this release is maintained in the knowledge base – click here for more information.

Important notices

Please review the upgrade notices for more details and before upgrading to this release.

Blue Prism 6.9 is compatible with Microsoft Office 2019. There are no updates required to the Word, Excel, or Outlook VBOs to support this.

Release notes

Browser extension versions

The table below shows when each Blue Prism extension, compatible with this release was introduced. For details of the latest browser versions Blue Prism is tested against, see the Browser extension compatibility matrix.

Browser Blue Prism extension versions