Blue Prism 6.10.1: March 2021



The release requires the Blue Prism database to be this version.

Login Agent


The version of Login Agent that is provided with this release of Blue Prism has the same functionality as the version provided with Blue Prism 6.7.

Browser extensions
(for Chrome, Firefox,
and Edge):


See the browser extensions section for the latest versions of each browser that has been verified with this release.

For the latest compatibility information, see the browser compatibility matrix.

If a previous version of the Edge browser extension has already been manually installed from the Chrome store, this should be manually removed and the new version installed from the Edge store, see the upgrade notices for more details.

Authentication Gateway


Authentication Gateway version 1.0 must be installed to use Authentication Gateway with Blue Prism 6.10.1.

Download the installer from the Blue Prism Portal – select Product > Blue Prism Enterprise > Extras.

Data Gateways engine


The Data Gateways engine version 1.3 must be installed to use Data Gateways with Blue Prism 6.10.1.

Download the installer from the Blue Prism Portal – select Product > Blue Prism Enterprise > Extras.

Known issues

A list of any prominent issues with this release is maintained in the knowledge base – click here for more information.

Important notices

Please review the upgrade notices for more details and before upgrading to this release.

Secure development policy

(Undefined variable: General.NoPipeCompanyName)’s secure development process is a market-leading, embedded security culture, focused on delivering security excellence through four key principles:

  • Education – Providing up-to-date knowledge, information, and training to the development team.
  • Evaluation – Regular reviews of our products using industry standard frameworks and security tools.
  • Elimination – Remove potential threats through the evaluation of standards, compliance, and performance.
  • Evolution – Continued improvement of our security program, ensuring alignment with our product technologies and by reacting effectively to new and emerging threats.

(Undefined variable: General.NoPipeCompanyName) secure development is based on OWASP ASVS, ISO 27034 and GDPR Article 25 standards and practices. For more information, see (Undefined variable: General.NoPipeCompanyName)'s comprehensive secure development process.

Fixes and minor improvements

Description of change


Issues introduced in Blue Prism 6.10 when saving processes no longer occur in environments in which the Blue Prism SQL database is accessed using an SQL account set up with only the minimum recommended access roles. Previously in this scenario, saving a new or existing process in Process Studio and then moving to a different tab resulted in an SQL exception error and the Blue Prism interactive client closing. This issue occurred because the Blue Prism SQL database roles were incorrectly not expanded to accommodate a database schema change implemented in 6.10.0.

The correct permissions are now applied during installation and upgrade of the Blue Prism SQL database.

6.10.0 deployments that have applied the database script available via Customer Support to address this issue do not require any additional configuration when upgrading to 6.10.1.

BP-2834 (BP-2452)

A primary key constraint intermittent error no longer occurs when using auto-initialization to trigger a Blue Prism business object that is exposed as a web service. Previously, the error resulted in the session not being created and the object actions not being executed.

BP-2945 (BP-2936)

To improve performance in Control Room and to improve behavior when creating or starting multiple sessions at the same time, the way in which session event requests are sent from the interactive client to runtime resources and the frequency of subsequent Control Room refreshes have been updated as follows:

  • Create and update session requests triggered from within Control Room now occur in a background thread to minimize the impact on the user interface.
  • When create, start, or delete session requests need to be sent to multiple runtime resources, the requests are sent to each runtime resource sequentially. Once a request has been sent to one resource, further requests will only be sent to a subsequent resource when the first has been acknowledged or if 5 seconds have passed – whichever occurs first.
  • When create or start session event requests need to be sent to a large number of runtime resources, these are now separated into batches of up to 50 requests. Additionally, a Control Room refresh will only be triggered when each batch of session events has been completed. Previously in Blue Prism 6.10.0, a Control Room refresh was incorrectly triggered by each individual session event. This was most noticeable when creating, starting, or deleting multiple sessions at the same time, which potentially caused performance issues in environments with a high level of session-related activity.

BP-2832 (BP-2303)

BP-3178 (BP-3061)

When debugging a process or object, clicking the Evaluate Expression button for a stage that references a collection no longer incorrectly returns an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.

BP-2833 (BP-1497)

An issue has been fixed where the database conversion from a single-authentication Active Directory environment to a multi-authentication Active Directory environment failed if the rootDSE of the Active Directory forest did not have the global catalog role enabled.

Previously, the conversion process attempted to query the rootDSE to obtain the Secure Identifiers (SIDs) of the Blue Prism users to be converted. If the rootDSE did not have the global catalog role enabled, it returned blank identifiers which caused the conversion to fail and the database was restored to its previous state.

The conversion process now searches the Active Directory forest for a global catalog in order to identify the SIDs of the users.


Code improvements have been made throughout Blue Prism to align with the latest security scanning standards, such as improvements to improper exception handling and improvements to how memory is managed by the Blue Prism interactive client.

BP-2876 (BP-2280)

BP-2877 (BP-2278)

Browser extensions

Browser extension versions

The table below shows when each Blue Prism extension, compatible with this release was introduced. For details of the latest browser versions Blue Prism is tested against, see the Browser extension compatibility matrix.

See browser extension release notes for details of key capabilities.

Browser Blue Prism extension versions Date available



8 March 2021

Edge Chromium


8 March 2021



8 March 2021

How updates are applied

The latest browser extensions are automatically installed with Blue Prism. Browser extensions that are made available after a release are automatically updated when the browser is loaded if there is an active internet connection. Alternatively, if your devices are not connected to the internet, updates can be pushed per user to each device manually. See the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox integration guide for details of how to install the extension using an offline package.

Browser extension release notes

Description of change Reference

The tracking ID functionality introduced in Blue Prism 6.9 can now be used in conjunction with the IsConnected read action when automating Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser applications. By using the tracking ID as an input parameter in the IsConnected read action, Blue Prism can identify whether or not it is still connected to web pages associated with the tracking ID.

BP-3040 (BP-3017)

An issue has been fixed where Blue Prism incorrectly appeared to be attached to a Chrome browser application after it had been detached, which prevented Blue Prism from reattaching to it. The detach action now successfully triggers the disconnect event and the IsConnected property of the browser application is correctly set to 'false', allowing Blue Prism to successfully detect when a browser application has been detached from Blue Prism. The attach action can only be used if the Use fixed browser extension port (31924) only system setting is enabled.

BP-2835 (BP-2385)

When launching a browser page from Blue Prism using the Browser-based Application (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Chromium) mode, the browser extension status and version number are now detected when the extension is launched instead of when the web page completes loading. This fixes an issue where a timeout error occurred when launching a web page that required HTTP basic authentication.


An intermittent issue has been fixed where a web page, or content embedded in a web page, attempted to connect to the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser extension before the extension had loaded, which resulted in the process failing to run.