Data Gateways

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Data Gateways provides an easy-to-use, centralized method to push data out of Blue Prism for use in external systems for monitoring and reporting, long-term data storage, and to feed machine learning models. Advanced configuration methods allow data to be directed to any required target. The data can be visualized and analyzed to provide valuable insight about Blue Prism environments without having to manually build similar capabilities into each relevant process automation.

By providing the ability to store data outside the Blue Prism database, organizations can use Data Gateways to support flexible data storage requirements. For example, an organization might want to save all their session data outside the Blue Prism database, or they might choose to store data in the database for a shorter period of time, pushing out a copy of that data for longer term data storage.

Settings are applied to determine what data will be processed by the Data Gateways engine, and a configuration defines the outputs to which data will be pushed. Data from session logs, published dashboards, process stages, and work queue analysis can be sent to a variety of external outputs - HTTP endpoints, external databases, third-party analysis tools, and flat files - providing flexibility and control over data analytics and storage.

The Data Gateways engine utilizes a number of Logstash components to send session log data to configured outputs.

Blue Prism collects the data to be sent to Data Gateways according to the configured Data Gateways settings. The data is stored centrally in a Blue Prism database. The Data Gateways engine then processes that data based on the configured rules and sends the data onwards to the configured outputs.

An appropriate Data Gateways engine must be installed to use Data Gateways with the Blue Prism versions listed below. It is advised to use the latest version available.

Blue Prism

Data Gateways engine

6.10 1.3, 1.4
6.9 1.2, 1.4
6.8 1.2, 1.4
6.7 1.1, 1.4
6.6 1.1, 1.4
6.5 1.0, 1.4