Blue Prism Trial and Blue Prism Learning Edition

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We offer two alternative versions of our Blue Prism Enterprise product to help you become familiar with Blue Prism and, if you are looking for a more structured approach, start teaching yourself how to use Blue Prism with support from our training labs and Blue Prism University.

Blue Prism Trial

Find out how easy it is to automate your organization’s internal processes and discover how Blue Prism can improve efficiency and productivity throughout your business.

What's included...

  • A full installation of Blue Prism.
  • A free 30-day license.
  • 15 processes to run the operations you want to automate.

Learning Edition

Begin your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey with Learning Edition and discover new opportunities by becoming a certified Blue Prism developer through the Blue Prism University.

What's included...

  • A feature limited installation of Blue Prism.
  • A free 90-day license.
  • 5 processes to run the operations you want to automate.

Both versions come with a single digital worker so you can run your automated processes against target applications. To support you, we provide free access to our product documentation, training materials, and the Blue Prism community – click here for details.

Before you start...

Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements

For details on the minimum requirements, see Standalone installation hardware requirements.